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Uncle Budd NYC

About Us
Who in Harlem didn’t have a weed-smoking uncle, the infinite source of sage advice and inappropriate jokes? New York’s cannabis culture is deeply rooted in the local community, and Uncle Budd NYC is an intrinsic part of that fabric. In the past, people from our communities sold cannabis out of economic necessity. The profits were reinvested back, funding schools, health-food restaurants, and other community-serving businesses. And we were the ones criminally and adversely affected by illegal marijuana. That stops now. What used to be the factor in our marginalization and prosecution, is now becoming the source of our prosperity and the chance to build generational wealth. The legalization of pot in New York State completely changed the game, opening the gate for the golden age of cannabis in our city. A nearly unthinkable transformation is happening in New York, a city that under Mayor Rudy Giuliani became the worldwide capital for petty marijuana arrests. As a Harlem-born, Black-owned company, we recruit guys who sell weed in the neighborhood to help them transition to the legal market. Most drug dealers are pretty good businesspeople, and we say to them, ‘Look, instead of you sitting on the corner and selling marijuana, work with us.’ We're going to the people that were hurt by the marijuana laws, and we're trying to bring them into the industry. We are by the people and for the people. That’s what Uncle Budd NYC is all about – serving New York with the city’s latest hot delicacy – cannabis.
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